USA Multiple Entry B1/B2 Business & Visitor Visa Consultants with Travel Concierge

USA Visitor tourism business b1 b2 visa consultants
USA Visitor tourism business b1 b2 visa consultants

We are here to help you to apply your US visa for Visiting / business and tourism purpose. We have Very good experience in analyzing your purpose of visit with the documents you need to carry for your visa interview.

Best US visa consultant and immigration assistance services Consultants for Visa Process with Travel Concierge

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As we are the Top Tourist,Visitor and Business Visa services consultants for United States of America, We know exactly what documents you need to carry for your Visa interview as per your case. Most of the Applicants Not required to carry most of the Documents. Depends on Applicant to Applicant we will suggest the Documents to you to carry for your interview.

Steps and application process for your B1 B2 Visa

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Step 1 : You can send us your Passport Pictures(Front and Back) in whats-app or in email.

Step 2 : Once we received, We will send you Embassy Bank account Details where you can pay your Visa Fees.

Step 3 : Once you paid the fees, then we will call you and explain you the dates available for your Visa interview Appointment.

Step 4 : Based on the date, we can complete your Ds application form, Train you for your Visa Interview which you need to attend and Verify all your Documents as per your Case.

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What is B1 B2 Visa

What is B1 B2 Visa

B1 B2 is a Visa Category which is issued for Short term purposes to visit USA, 6 Months is the maximum length of stay in USA on a Valid B1 B2 Visa. This Visa is applied if you want to travel to USA on any of the below mentioned Purpose. The Duration of B1/B2 visa is for 10 Years.

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Visitor visa
  • Medical

If you want to Travel on any of the above mentioned Visits, then you need to apply for b1/b2 visa.

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Required Documents to carry for B1 B2 Visa interview

Don’t worry if you have no documents, We will guide you

Documents Required for B1 B2 Visa depends on Case to Case, Means depends on Purpose of visit and person to person.

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USA Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa is for those who is planning to visit some places in the USA or for Sight Seeing, This visa is good for Newly married couples or couples planning for honeymoon.

  • Hotel Confirmations (we help you getting the Hotel Tickets without paying).
  • 3 Months Payslips If working.
  • Bank Statement if Present.

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USA Visit Visa / Visiting Visa

If you want to Visit your Friends, relatives, Your parents or your Children in United States, then we can apply based on this purpose.

  • Invitation from Your Friends/Relatives/Son or Daughter. Don’t worry if you don’t have any friends or relatives. its not mandatory to get invitation from a green card holder or United States Citizen.
  • Payslips if you are working in any company. Don’t worry if you don’t Have.
  • Business Registration Certificate if you have a Business. Don’t worry if you don’t have.

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USA Business Visa

If you are travelling for a business purpose, Expo’s, Conferences, Meetings or You are travelling on behalf of your company then, you can apply on this purpose.

  • Invitation from USA company Or Client Or Conference or from Expo.
  • Last 1-3 months payslips or Offer Letter of your current company

How can i help you as a USA Visa Immigration Services Consultants

I Guide you in a proper way as per your purpose of your visit to USA.

I am Very Friendly and you can ask me any questions relating to your Visa Application Process.

I will be with you till you get your passport to your hands with visa.

I can help you in case if your application undergo with Administrative Processing.

Will complete your application Processing as soon as possible.

We offer usa visa agent Services In the Below Cities

  • All India
  • B1 B2 visa consultants in Delhi
  • B1 B2 visa consultants in Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • B1 b2 Visa consultants in Chennai
  • B1 b2 visa consultants in Pune
  • B1 B2 Visa consultants in Hyderabad

General Questions and Answers.

Who is going to do your B1 B2 Visa Appointment Slot Booking ?

We as the Consultants, We will take care of your dates, We will schedule the date as early as available.

Visa Success Rate

Visa Success Rate depends on the interview with visa officer. We will guide you with the expected questions based on your purpose of visit to the USA. We will give you the best tips on how to face the interview.

Travel Concierge : Hotels, restaurants, events, sightseeing, transportation: we can recommend and book the best option for you during your stay in the US. Available 24/7!